Live Travel Fairs

LTF virtual travel show is a must-participate event for every international expert in the travel & tourism industry which is powered by Cadence Vacations Tech Center . It is the place where all the global travel companies and organizations meet. Our online event aims at bringing top decision makers, experts, potential travelers and tour operators together with travel agencies, booking portals, hotels and transport companies. Live Travel Fair's membership provides reliable access to all exhibitors and service provider's profiles which can benefit business growth and strengthen business profile. In addition, our brand new travel network gives an access to the latest travel industry news. Through our digital tools, we work hard on creating the best opportunities for travel industry professionals to generate more business deals. Our platform guarantees reaching out the right business contacts that you can depend on to build your professional travel community. Due to the current circumstances and the changes that will take place in the travel industry, we offer an easy access to our travel show from anywhere around the globe which will save your effort, money and time. In short, we are looking forward to shape a bright future for travel industry. Most probably, you've been asking yourself why participating in an online travel fair is so important? The answer can simply be "The Valuable Experience". It is understood that the travel show, unlike travel, is very lifeless experience; however our developers & designers are seeking to make the online travel show full of life, limitless, enlightening, educational and fun! Moreover, we are gathering in this travel fair to effectively communicate with each other, easily share information and professionally market for various destinations around the world. Understanding the vital role of communication in the sustainability and growth of tourism industry, we would like to invite you to join our brand new online travel fair.

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